Creating a professional product is a process, one that winnows away the flaws. The developmental editing has helped you build a compelling and structurally sound story. The copyediting has ensured continuity and strong writing. Now it’s time for a last set of eyes.

Proofreader: one who searches copy for errors.

Creating perfectly clean copy is nearly impossible. And finding mistakes in one’s own work is more difficult still. When reading their own copy a writer will often see only what they expect to see. That’s where the last set of eyes comes in. You need someone unfamiliar with your work to take that last gander for errors or mistakes that you or your editor, who are too familiar with your work, would miss.

All the heavy lifting is done, but before you release your story into the wild let our proofreader give your work a read, and catch any:

Grammar and punctuation issues, misspellings, usage errors, or clarity issues.